The top 8 Brisbane dance classes

Conroy Dance Centre is committed to providing quality dance and performing arts education in a positive, encouraging and safe environment. Our students are guided by our team of experienced staff to achieve their full potential. Our classes are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all students from 18months onward. The best part of a performance is seeing the smile on the dancer’s face and watching as they continue to grow as a dancer. We’re passionate about creating memories that last and fostering a passion for dance that will last a lifetime. That’s why we believe we have the best Brisbane dance classes available.

1. Ballet Classes

Ballet is an artistic dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance, this form is characterised by its delicate yet passionate style. Conry’s ballet classes start for students aged 5-6+ and they lay the foundation down for your child to master the basics while they discover their love for dance. 

The pursuit of ballet often leads our students to undertake more advance technical training as their practice progresses. Our teachers differentiate our Ballet classes from the rest, industry expertise combined with superior technique and artistry will truly bring out the best in your student.

2. Jazz Classes

Is your foot tapping with that upbeat rhythm? Watch as your dancer turns into a star with those classically sharp Jazz dance moves. 

Conroy’s Jazz Classes are offered to students aged 5-6 and above. The program we work with is structured to include limbering, turns, leaps, and routines. This was created by Shelle Conroy whose syllabus is now examined globally.

Our routines in more advanced classes have been choreographed by some of the best in the world, including Zac Brazenas, Marko Panzic, Cat Santos, Amy Campbell, Lauren Seymour, Juliette ‘Jet’ Verne, and many more.

Intermediate Dance Classes Brisbane

3. Tap Dance

Have you got a child that can’t sit still? Conroy Dance has got the perfect class to get out those jitters and get some creativity growing! 

Our Tap Dance classes are sure to get your star shining, from ages 5-6+ our students are educated in the foundations of Tap Dance that includes barre, center exercises, street tap, and routines. We offer a syllabus that trains for Level 1 examinations through to Level 6 with some students going on to complete a Diploma in Tap.

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4. Song and Dance

Is your kid always singing along with the tune as they dance? Well, then we’ve got the right class for you!

Develop your child’s confidence and creativity with our Song and Dance classes. Our classes start from ages 5-6+ and develop and grow with your child as they progress. These classes have been built to help your budding star discover their love for song and dance while they experience what the wide world of performance can offer them. 

lady singing on stage

5. Musical Theatre Classes

Is your kid constantly singing Frozen? Addicted to Disney? Then Musical Theatre Classes will be the perfect outlet they need to develop their love of musical theatre. 

Our Musical Theatre classes are offered to our students who are 6-7 and over who want to explore their musical capabilities. 

With soaring songs and gripping plots, the world of musical theatre has inspired many. Give your child the opportunity in Brisbane’s best dance class to realise their potential and join other alumni who’ve gone on to perform internationally. 

Who are our classes for?


From 2 - 6 Years Old

Our Junior classes foster a love for song and dance and build the foundations for our more advanced classes.


From 7 - 13 Years Old

These classes build on the lessons from junior classes. With our intermediate classes, we introduce more technical elements to our training. Examinations and participation in eisteddfods (dance competitions) are also offered at this level.


From 13 Years and Older

Senior classes continue with the technical training of dance at a more advanced level. At this stage, many of our students participate in ‘Comdance’ (CSTD) and ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ (RAD) examinations. 

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6. Contemporary Dance Classes

Perhaps your budding dancer is looking for something more emotional and less connected to a specific style. Contemporary Dance Classes could be the perfect match. 

Contemporary Dance is an expressive and emotive style that incorporates some elements from ballet and jazz to bring a unique form of dance. The Contemporary Dance classes at Conroy bring together best-in-class choreography with teachers who have years of experience in technical ability. 

Students are able to explore the intrinsic link between dance, music, and emotion in these classes as they learn advanced techniques and routines.

7. Acrobatics Classes

The splits may make you wince, but not your flexible kid once they start taking our Acrobatic Classes.

The acrobatic classes at Conroy Dance work to develop the flexibility and strength of their students. As a complement to dance classes or as a stand-alone class, these lessons will teach your child how to extend their abilities in a safe and encouraging environment. 

As a compliment to dance, Acrobatics Classes will help your student develop key skills and techniques to assist them in their dance pursuits.

8. Advanced Classes

Some of our students look for that deeper engagement at a younger age, and if they know what they want then our Advanced Classes will be right for them. 

The Advanced Classes at Conroy add onto foundational skills developed in previous classes. Our advanced classes are offered to younger students who are looking to progress in their abilities if they’ve taken to a certain style of dance. 

The best Brisbane dance classes wouldn’t be possible without our excellent studios. High performance is born from hard work and great teachers, but this result is only possible when there’s space and equipment that allows your students to thrive. 

That’s why we only have the best space and equipment for our students. 

All of our studios feature dance-safe sprung flooring with professional tarkett and temperature control with plenty of ventilation to keep your star cool when they’re dancing up a storm. For our acrobatic students, we have all the tumbling mats, springboards, and crash mats to help your child fly and land safely. 

Shelle Conroy Brisbane

Our teachers are trained professionals that are dedicated to your child and helping them reach their full potential. Each one of our teachers has been handpicked for their unique experience and are well respected within their field of expertise. 

The team at Conroy is lead by Artistic Director Shelle Conroy who’s spent over 30 years in the performing arts industry. Led by experience, she’s guided and developed the careers of performance students through to professional careers both nationally and internationally. Her expertise has continued in Jan Conroy’s (OAM) legacy in creating a leading experience for performing arts students.

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