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Non-Accredited program for Contract Ready Performers

For the contract ready performer already graduated from a Fulltime Program, or University student wanting to sustain their standard, the GRADUATE COURSE at CPAC is designed to deliver high-quality training with less time commitment and expense.

CPAC Graduate Course

Students choose 4 classes per week from the full-time timetable. Classes may all be on the one day, or can be across multiple days to best compliment dancer requirements or university schedules. 


The GRADUATE COURSE covers a selection of essential genres to retain skills to be audition ready. 


Classes run each week Monday – Friday from 9:00am-3:30pm with 4 classes conducted each day. 

The GRADUATE COURSE is the ideal way for a Full-Time Graduate or professional performer between contracts, to stay fit and audition-ready. 

Genres Covered in The Graduate Course

This program covers all the essential genres for a successful career in the entertainment industry. These classes include:

Other Opportunities

Extended Expertise

Opportunity to spotlight & extend their expertise in their own choice of specialist field as an elective option (eg. silks/hoops, latin, tap).


Learn about professional presentation including CVs, headshots and showreels, gaining skills to help secure a successful career.

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TERM TOTAL (4 classes per week) $750 p/ school term

Enrolment Fee (Yearly) $55

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