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Looking for the best dance classes Brisbane has to offer? Find out all you need to know below about our leading dance school. We offer age-suitable dance classes that fosters Brisbane’s next dance superstars. From young grasshoppers all the way through to aspiring professionals – find your perfect fit with us at Conroy Dance Centre.

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Dance Classes Brisbane: Everyone's Welcome

Our first-rate dance class program is what makes us Brisbane’s leading dance academy. All dancers are taught by our highly qualified dance instructors. All of our teachers have a genuine interest and care for the progression of our students. Our experienced and dedicated instructors, combined with our state of the art facilities provides the perfect environment for students to thrive in.

Fun, Fitness, or Future!

We offer a variety of dance classes from Ballet, to Jazz, to Song and Dance, to Musical Theatre and even Acrobatics. No matter what form of dance you’re interested in, all of our lessons are personalised and tailored to suit the dancing aptitude of beginners to advanced dancers. Our all-ages offering means that students can progress from their first steps all the way through to a career in dance. Take a look at our student successes page to see where some of our past students are dancing now.

Junior dancers

Junior Dancers

2 - 6 Years Old

Our junior classes teach littlies to follow direction and remember instructions. Our little dancers learn and grow in a positive and safe environment.

Intermediate Dancers

7 - 13 Years Old

This program nurtures cognitive, physical and social development all the while fostering a love of dance through fun and imaginative dance classes.

Senior Dancers

13 Years and Older

Classes designed to challenge and inspire senior dancers. Classes offered include jazz, tap, ballet, singing, musical theatre, contemporary and acrobatics.  

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junior dancers

Junior Dance Classes

2-6 years old

Conroy Dance Centre is Brisbane’s best-loved dance school for young dancers. We offer a wide range of fun classes for little ones to learn how to dance, sing and socialise. Your child will join an innovative program that’s packed full of positive energy. All of our tiny dancers become part of the Conroy Dance family. All are encouraged to shine in the safe and friendly environment created by our highly qualified junior dance teachers. 

intermediate dancers

Intermediate Dance Classes

7-13 years old

Our intermediate dance classes are for students aged between 7 and 13 years old. These foundational classes are a pivotal opportunity to develop strong, technical foundations in dance. Students can choose from ballet, singing, musical theatre, contemporary, and acrobatics. We encourage all our dancers to partake in at least two to three classes per week, to maximise their learning and skill development. Students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in examinations and  eisteddfods to further progress their talent.

senior dancers

Senior Dance Classes

13 years old +

Our senior classes are for dancers of all abilities. Whether you’re just starting out or an aspiring pre-professional performer – we offer a range of classes to suit all levels and abilities. Students are offered ‘Comdance’ (CSTD) Tap and Modern Jazz examinations.  Students on the Ultimate package will also be offered a classical ballet examination with either the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) or Comdance (CSTD).  All classes are undertaken in a relaxed and positive environment – the perfect training ground to produce great dancers. 

Brisbane's best dance school: Creatively designed & built dance studios

Being involved in the creative world of dance, students gain transferable skills that have extreme benefits to improve self confidence, creativity, concentration, motivation, self care, teamwork, goal setting and persistence. 


Ballet is an artistic form of dance, maximising the dancers abilities, techniques, grace and poise. Highly formalized steps and gestures are used to create the beautiful and graceful art of ballet.

Tap Dancing

Make music with your feet. Tap dancing is an extremely popular dance style for dancers to develop rhythm and coordination.


Sharp, strong and high energy moves our Jazz classes include the latest in technical and commercial jazz styles. Jazz helps to improve dancers flexibility and musicality.

Song and Dance

Build confidence in all areas of performance. Singing is a popular skill to compliment any dancer. Our song and dance classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, and designed to provide dancers with the confidence to sing.

From tiny groovers to pre-professional performers. Find your dancing feet

Our Brisbane dance school is committed to providing quality education to all of our dancers and performers. We offer high quality dance classes, musical theatre classes as well as acrobatics training. Each class is taught by verified, dancing professionals with a keen interest in advancing students. As a home for dancers, we ensure out state of the art facilities are kept in excellent condition. Our role is to provide the best services and environment for all of our dancers to flourish. 

Become Qualified in dance, while you dance!

Our Conroy Dancers are given the opportunity to take part in our incredible part-time school-based program. This unique program allows senior dancers to prepare for examinations within the Teaching Certificate and Teaching Diploma courses, in line with the Comdance (CTSD) syllabus. This program allows our senior dancers to get a feel for a career in dance from nation-leading teachers. 

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