Conroy Dance Centre: Brisbane Dance School

At Conroy Dance Centre, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality dance and performing arts training in a fun, supportive and safe environment. Our Brisbane Dance School strives to provide our dancers with opportunities to reach their full potential. We help develop future careers and create life long memories as a community.

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Learn to dance at a creative Dance School

At Conroy Dance Centre, we have a dedicated, fully qualified teach faculty with extensive industry experience. Our teaching faculty is what sets our Brisbane Dance School apart. We provide our students with comprehensive training programs and genuinely care about the development of each student in our studio. We promote confidence in our tiny dancers learning their very first step, all the way up to our pre-professional performers in taking their final exams.

Dance for Fitness or Launch Your Professional Career

Many students dance with us for over 15 years, forming lifelong friendships and a world-wide performing arts family. Our Brisbane Dance School provides workshops, pro-classes, mentorships and performance opportunities through our close connections with industry leading choreographers. Whether you’re striving for a professional career, or eager to learn a new hobby for fitness and health purposes, our performing arts tuition has wide-reaching benefits for students in many more areas than solely dance routines. 

Brisbane Dance School: Purpose-Built Studios for Creative Learning

By learning creatively, students gain transferable skills that have far-reaching benefits including improved self confidence, concentration, determination, self presentation, teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance.


2 - 6 Years Old

Suitable for our youngest dancers to our ‘grown up’ primary students, everyone is a special and treasured member of our dancing family.


7 - 13 Years Old

With a range of fun classes, your child will learn the techniques for dancing and singing in a fun and imaginative environment filled with smiles and laughter. 


13 Years and Older

Conroy Dance Centre is one of Brisbane’s favourite (and best) training grounds for young dancers to pursue their career in dance or continue dancing for fun and fitness purposes.

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Young Children’s Dance School

2-6 years old

Everyone is a special and treasured member of our dancing family at Conroy Dance Centre. Students as young as two years old are encouraged to participate in our range of fun and imaginative classes, learning to dance and sing in a positive environment. Our junior dance teachers are highly qualified with industry experience and carry early childhood qualifications to ensure our students receive the best care. 

Children’s Dance School

7-13 years old

Our Brisbane Dance School’s most fun and popular age group is our cohort for children. Our children’s dance classes are for ages seven through to the pre-professional level which includes classes in ballet, singing, musical theatre and acrobatics. In order for students to take examinations and participate in eisteddfods, we recommend children take classes two to three days per week. Children in this cohort will develop a strong, technical foundation in all areas of dance.

Pre-Performers Dance School

13 years & older

This is Brisbane’s finest training ground for young, pre-performers. Catering to dancers aged 13-years and older, students will learn and grow alongside like-minded dancers of a similar standard. In order to participate and excel in examinations and perform in eisteddfods for our Brisbane Dance School, taking classes two to three times a week is highly recommended. This allows students to progress at the same rate as their peers.


Learn the beautiful and graceful art of Ballet, which maximises dancers abilities and techniques to improve the longevity of their dance career. Ballet is a highly technical form of dance that offers grace and poise, supporting dancers developing techniques.

Tap Dancing

Tap Dance is popular among all age groups which incorporates traditional techniques and styles. Tap Dance enhances the development of rhythm, coordination and musicality, providing a strong foundation to build on due to its relevance to all other dance subjects.


Our Brisbane Dance School also offers jazz classes, incorporating the latest technical and commercial jazz styles. Jazz is an integral element of a pre-performer’s dance education which helps dancers improve their flexibility and musicality.

Song and Dance

Our song and dance classes are fun and popular where students are taught vocal skills and stage techniques. This gives young performers the ability to sing with confidence and become well rounded performers.

We offer Musical Theatre & Acrobatics too

Our Brisbane Dance School offers musical theatre classes and acrobatics training, designed for students to build their confidence in acting, singing and dancing. We are committed to providing services to our students that enables them to be fully prepared and experienced as a performer, ensuring we deliver quality education.

Complete your Certificate IV in dance while you’re at our Brisbane Dance School.

Our incredible part-time program allows dancers to prepare for examinations within the Teaching Certificate and Teaching Diploma courses, in line with the Comdance (CTSD) syllabus. If you are wanting to pursue a career in dance, this program is delivered by our nation-leading teachers and supported by high schools as a school-based training program.

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